New York from a Distance


Mid air view of New York at a distance

We are small in the scheme of the universe

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Katharine Asals

A city on the move


Canopy of Gulmohar Trees


Canopy of Gulmohar Trees

Known by a number of names across the world, in India we call it gulmohar. Come April – May and the brilliant hue covers the city announcing the arrival of spring. For me it the memories of my growing up years associated with this tree that makes it special to me.

In my growing up years, I have spent many a lunch breaks gobbling my tiffin, playing with my friends, spending hours in detention and studying for my tenth board exams under these trees.

Beneath these flamboyant trees lies my happy place.

Photo is taken in Pune, India

The forgotten art of writing letters


We don’t write letters anymore. There are umpteen number of reasons for not doing so. But for me, letters are precious, its like being a part of someone life in that very moment when they decide to write to you. Every time I read these old letters I feel as much love as I would have in their presence.

This letter is dated 22-Apr-1998

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Mittened Hands