About me

Hi there,

Great! You’ve made it to this page and I would love to hear your views on what you’ve read so far on my blog.

I am not an expert on any of the topics that I have written and I make no tall talks that my blogs will change your life/views in any which way. I am here in search for the reason for my being here and as I go on this exploration its great to have come across you. So now that our paths have crossed, why not get to know each other through our thoughts and views.

What will you find here, you ask?

Well, just about anything and everything.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Short-short stories, Novellas, Inspirational Quotes, Book Reviews, Pictures, Essay on Food / Travel / Places / Films / Animals, History, Philosophy and many many more will be added as we go alone.

Thank-you for visiting my page and do keep showing up now and again.

Until next time!

Puja Mohan-Thakur


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