My Pride and Joy

Four business executives having meeting in boardroom


….why didn’t I feel the pain, I felt annoyed at myself. The anger I felt was more real than anything else that had happened in the last few days. What did it mean? My mind was finding it hard to make sense of the emotions I felt and the inability of feeling what I should have at this time and in the given circumstances. “And that’s how the cookie crumbles”, were his last words as he left the room and these words haunted me since….


“May I?” Al called from the entry door interrupting my thoughts and bring me back to this moment. The moment! “Are you ready? It’s time. Frank is ready to sign the papers.” said Al with a big smile on her face. “It’s about time!” and I gave Al the wink only she knew what it meant. She had seen it all and stood by me through it with an unshaken confidence that I’ll come back and take what belonged to me. My pride and joy was not hidden when I walked in and looked at Frank. “It was nice doing business with you, Frank……..”


An extract from one of the scenes from my collection of short stories.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Office ClipArt.

 Daily Prompt

Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction


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