To my parents….on Your Anniversary!


Among the many things I remember of all these years, is that Mummy has patiently and lovingly listened to all my blabbering right from my school days (which also includes the million letters I wrote to her from boarding which included stories of Mrs Minimeow and her kittens) to all the office grapevine and happenings. Being in two different cities has not changed things, thanks to the free call (what an Idea sirji). She knows everyone and everything from my life and never grows tired of listing to me.


And Papa…well, he has been there for us, every single time! If it was a red remark in my school calendar asking him to meet my class teacher or surprising me and my sister for an exeat while we were in boarding or dropping by my office just to check if I was doing alright (now that I am married and away from him). He has always been there!


They have given us a memorable childhood and a whole lot of things to cherish in life. My sister ones said, “….Mummy, Papa have given us the window to a whole new world….”


Thank you is too small a word to describe how I feel about all that you have done for us. It may be your anniversary but it’s a day we all celebrate.


Sending you unconditional, heart-felt, pure love on this day and forever!!



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