My first writing sprint! April 2014

What a wonderful day it was! 12th April 2014!

NaNoWriMo had their writing marathon and I was a complete virgin to this experience with absolutely no idea what I was to do in such marathons. I had been procrastinating for the longest of time and haven’t written a word since my last post back in 2013.

I joined NaNoWriMo last year but haven’t really explored it much. So this time when I found a flood of mails from them on this writing marathon, I wondered how and if something like this works? And boy was I surprised or what! It’s such a rush of emotions to see and know fellow writers all joining in, setting their own targets and communicating with each other purely through the keyboard tapping noise or scribbling noise of pen and paper.
The prompts, hangout sessions, tweets all building up the excitement through the 8 hours spread across the continents.

It was all like an actual marathon where when you spot the finish line you try and push yourself more with every ounce of energy that may be left in you. At the same time spending almost an entire day in your own wonderland. Letting yourself go, from one thought to another branching thought and relishing it. I felt like a kid who was out to play after their final exams.

I can’t wait to back to another such writing sprints soon.


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