I am not alone! I am “Leaning In” with the rest.

Over the years I have developed a habit of gifting myself something on my birthday. This included buying myself the craziest of things to getting my hair bleached (which went horribly wrong and I had to live with it for almost a year since no other color would stay on it) and “almost” getting myself a tattoo but chickening out the very last second. (I think I’ll save this one may for my 40th)

On my last birthday I wanted to gift myself something that may be I won’t regret about so much and thought what better than gifting myself a book that would stick. While surfing the net I came across the book review of Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I quickly ordered one and was glued to it to the end. Post that I signed up on its site.

A lot of learning from this book. A lot of “this is so true” moments. I haven’t been an avid follower of the Lean In movement but I do tune in now and then. Recently I was going through their “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” project. As I scrolled through the pictures that were submitted by these amazing ladies, it struck me that no matter from which part of the world we might be we are all facing the same self doubts, the same “Impostor Syndrome”.

My thoughts while reading:

Why should you want less just because you are a women. A lot is spoken about equal marriage today. But what is the definition of equal? Mothers becoming sole care giver and fathers becoming sole providers –  Is that really equal? I believe its for you to decide but make an informed decision. Educate yourself before making this decision and for the sake of God don’t use borrowed thoughts (family, social norms, peers). Critic the things you have know and accepted so far you. Unless you ask aloud how would you know whether your partner will be supportive you?

As important it is for women to realize that they need to “stay at the table”. I believe it is equally important for men to understand how important it is to be a “real partner”.

The book talks about leadership attributes, mentorship and sponsorship, supportive life partner, the need to lean in, sit at the table and take risks, not to leave before actually having left,  career jungle gym, importance of open feedback and receptiveness to learn, (my favorite )success and likeability and many more things.

It is my urge that every member of the family should read this one. Each one of you will benefit from it in someway or the other. If you haven’t yet visited this one – -> http://leanin.org/  I highly recommend it.


6 thoughts on “I am not alone! I am “Leaning In” with the rest.

  1. Yes! Always stay at the table (don’t jump up and start clearing the dishes, either!) Leaning in on life is very important.
    During the 30 years I was teaching, every year on my birthday I took a day of personal leave. Just for me, to go to the Fine Arts Center, a good book store, have a special lunch, or go to a day spa. My family always treated me grandly that evening, but just for awhile, I needed to gift myself in my own way.

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