Wedding Photography

Weddings are considered a very important event in one’s life were two families are united. Though the wedding traditions and rituals differ greatly between religions, countries, social classes, one thing remains common and that is to have lasting memories of their special day which is captured on film and memories are preserved for life.


Wedding photography is the photography encompassing all wedding related activities. In the past due to lack of equipment, wedding photography was mainly done in the studio post the wedding. But now, with passage of time technology has evolved and so has the wedding photography.


The traditional wedding photography style of beautiful poses has changed with time and has taken a more documentary style where moments are captured as the wedding unfolds. But the glamour of classic poses are still very much alive and we find a mix of both in today’s wedding photography.


With the invention of digital photography, new creative opportunities have emerged. Digital cameras allow deeper coverage of the event with a virtually unlimited amount of photographs taken, and great design opportunities. While traditional film photography is still widely used, it is obvious that the future belongs to digital photography.



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